Over the past four months crossfit has become an obsession.  My day feels incomplete if I do not go to the WOD and whenever I finish a workout I feel like I could accomplish anything.  The first few days of class were brutal, I remember not being able to get up from a sitting position after all the squats we did.  Now I crave the muscle ache and want to work harder and harder to maintain a higher level of fitness that I know I can achieve if I continue on.  From eating a healthier diet, goal setting, and proper technique of workouts I feel that taking this class has helped me in many ways.

In the spring of 2011 I started getting serious about working out I had gained ten pounds, was not working out anymore and wasn’t happy with my eating habits. So I started eating healthier and running again, I lost  twenty four pounds, my starting weight was one hundred and thirty nine and my ending weight was one hundred fifteen.  After that I always said that I wanted to try out crossfit, but in the back of my mind I always thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it.  Then when I was registering for classes I saw that it was an option and am so glad I decided to take it.  It has given me the challenge that I wanted and has helped me realize new health and fitness goals that I have. One of my main goals for the class that I am still working on, is to build muscle. I have put on about five pounds in muscle since starting the class and feel healthier and in better shape than I have in my whole life.

Setting goals for this class was easy for me since there were so many fitness goals that I wanted to accomplish.  My goal to cut out grain and sugar was definitely the hardest because you don’t really think about how many things have flour and sugar in them until you aren’t eating those things.  Even though the class is over I still plan on setting goals for my health and fitness.  As I progress I find more and more things that I would like to achieve.

Not only has this course helped me with my fitness, it has helped me in life as a whole.  After taking two years off after high school I wasn’t sure what career/degree path I wanted to be on, I thought maybe I would be a nurse or an elementary school teacher.  Now after participating in crossfit I have picked a degree.  I am working on the two-year associate program to become a fitness technician.  Being active, eating healthy, and working out is what I love to do.  I hope to be able to help others love those things as much as I do. I could not have picked a better course, going into this I did not think one class would help me figure out so much about myself.  Crossfit has made me feel like a stronger person inside and out.


 Crossfit Class Goals:

GOAL 1: To attend Crossfit two days a week for the entire semester

How am I going to accomplish this goal: I will pick my two days a week ahead of time and fit it into my schedule, and make sure that I go to those days.

How did I do on this goal: I achieved this goal and then some, for the first two months I went to Crossfit Tuesday and Thursday, then I decided that I enjoyed the workouts so much that I wanted to finish my thirty classes quickly and become a member. So now I am a member of Crossfit and attend Monday through Friday most weeks.

GOAL 2: Cut out grain and sugar.

How am I going to accomplish this goal: I will plan my meals out ahead of time, and try not to eat out.

How did I do on this goal: This goal went decently well for me; majority of my meals and snacks had no grains and no sugars. Although there were definitely some weekends where I ate quite a bit of sugar, it was easier for me to cut out grain. I am still working on this goal.

GOAL 3: Be able to go up into the handstand position, lock in my stomach muscles, and start to do a handstand pushup.

How am I going to accomplish this goal: A few days every week I plan to stay later after class is over and just work on going up into the handstand position, until I can successfully go into one.

How did I do on this goal: It took me about two weeks to be able to get into the handstand position. Mostly what was holding me back was that I was scared to be upside down. Now that I can go in and out of the handstand position I am working on the pushup part, I can go partially down but cannot really get myself back up.

 GOAL 4: Work on kipping pull-ups.

How am I going to accomplish this goal: As with the handstand pushup I will stay after and work on the kipping movement, until I am able to not only do the kipping motion correctly, but also pull my chin up and over the bar while doing so.

How did I do on this goal: I have not accomplished this goal yet. I am working on the kipping motion, and have it mostly down, but am still unable to pull myself up. In order to this I will need to continue practicing and will also need to build up some more upper body strength.

GOAL 5: My final goals are to build more muscle all over my body, as well as too lose inches off of my stomach and replace it with muscle.

How am I going to accomplish this goal: I will start with continuing on with the no grain, no sugar. This will help me with losing inches off of my stomach and it just makes me healthier when I cut those two items out of my diet. In order to build the muscle I need to add more protein into my diet, I have started drinking a protein shake once a day and have also been trying to eat some form of protein be it eggs, chicken, turkey, or steak with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

How did I do on this goal: This goal is going to take me some time and is still a work in progress!


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