Human Growth and Development - Psy 1100

My Learning On Human Growth and Development

           This Human Growth and Development course has really opened my eyes to the plethora of major and minor details that greatly affect each person.  Everything I learned during this course I now see myself applying to.  I recall on my own childhood and notice all the factors, like family, relationships, peer relationships, play, and speech that have shaped who I am.  As well as reflecting on my life, I also look at how my little brother turned out so differently even though you would think we were raised the same.  It really just goes to show how each person takes experiences in different ways.

            Of the topics covered in Human Growth and Development, family and peer relationships stand out as the most vital to me in the construction of a child’s self.  The effects I as a future mother can have on my child really made family and peer relationships stand out in my mind.  Without a solid family structure, supportive parenting, and the want to help your child grow, how would the child turn out without all those things, virtually on its own?  The journal entries and thought papers we wrote in this class really helped me to learn and actually think about the material.  Instead of just letting it go in one ear and out the other.  This application of learning fits with Salt Lake Community College’s, college wide student outcome of critical thinking.  The critical thinking causes you to not only take into account what you read, but to dig deeper into how you actually felt.

            I hope to continue on and take another psychology course, since this class has opened my eyes to so many things.  I greatly enjoy learning about people, and how we turn out the way we do.  Even though this class does not directly correlate to my degree as a fitness technician, I would still like to continue studying on the topic for my own personal growth.  This class has helped me to better understand those around me as well as myself.  

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